Oil & Gas Facilities

Oil & Gas Facilities

It is a universally known fact that an oil Industry is of invaluable economic importance to its entire Nation, and every single person involved in the activity of oil extraction, is in every way doing a great service to his country.

It is, therefore, of utmost importance for the oil Industry workers to be well taken care of, in terms of their diet and day to day requirements so they can stay focused on their job and yield maximum productivity.

This is where the significantly productive role of catering and hospitality comes to the fore. Out of this very spirit of genuine hospitality, was born Emirates Taste Catering Offshore Services.

Every requirement of our clients is taken care of, round the clock with immaculate precision, right from their wake-up and morning tea, to their well-balanced nutritional diet throughout the day, as well as other various needs, till the time they retire for the night.

When it comes to feeding customers in distant or uncharted locations, a clientele's best answer is Emirates Taste Catering Services. 
Our no boundary vision stands in providing food service and lifestyle solutions to operations in remote areas.

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